Moon cups

But I like my moon cup . . Yes – and what is coming out is supposed to be flowing – like a river – not dammed up like a lake . . It is not surprising that toxic shock has been suggested in conjunction with these.

Product Update

We provide the flexibility in ordering different boxes of Drion Sanitary pads. For example, you can order a box of just Night pads or a box of just Pantiliners. You may not be aware that you can also alter the mix of products within a Mixed box. Our Mixed box contains 10 Day Packets, 4 …

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New MAXI size

A new size of pad is currently in production. The Maxi will have the same shape as the Night Pad but will be 330mm in length. It can be used for regular use but can also be used for mothers after pregnancy who may experience occasional bleeding and/or mild bladder weakness. Each packet will again …

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