If you think – pads – ‘Yuck!’ – just how well is what you are using working for you?


1 – Effectiveness

2 – Safety


1 – Do they work?

Over the past several years in addition to working with women and their specific health issues, I have honed in on something no one talks about.  I have explored and recorded how the different intimate care aids work. In this section I am asking – are they effective?

This is why we wear them.
They are to hold body secretions that are involuntarily being shed.
To allow us to go about our business with little hassle – optimally with and no odours/outwards signs that we are bleeding.

How do we know how the products stack up against each other?

Do we all just try to manage?
NOTE – I am not dealing with moon cups.
They (as with tampons) stop the flow and this is not where we wish to be headed as the myriad women’s problems come about when we are going against nature.

Update . . .

In Cairns recently, I visited the local Blooms chemist – and found some new pads to test.
Tsuno pads (bamboo and corn silk ) they were surprising. AS were the Cottons ones.

Q – Why do we wear pads?
A – For protection.

We need to trust them

Ideally they work – every time.
What you will see here – is absorbency testing.
And how much the Drion hold – and do not give the fluid a way out once absorbed.

How do the Drion pads work?

Well . . .

The Drion day pad holds easily 100 ml
The Drion night one – 150 ml.

 I have placed 250 ml in the maxi and it has held it all



  a surprise ahead .  .


You can easily buy your own box of the Drion pads and share them about – you will not go back.

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– Round 2 – testing the supermarket offerings

Why wear pads?
You want to not leak

No good way to say what you already probably know.

The organic pads are not doing the job you intend them to.
Plus they can shred.

Using Drion you get the bonus of always being dry.

PLUS the healing strip that reduces all odours/reasons behind these and also helps you undo the years of being exposed to the misguided contaminants coming back up from your past pad/tampon use).

Where can you get them?

Order a box – and maybe share them around. Undoing health problems as the healing strip is a bonus.

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This matters
Check out what you use with a bunch of friends. . . have  a period party . .

A quick test you can put YOUR usual intimate care product to.

1 – Pull it out of the packaging.
2 – Stick to something
3 – Add 50 ml – even 20 ml of water.

4 – Note any discolouration (That comes back to get you)

5 – Is it dry?
6 – Can you squeeze the water out?

WHY are you using this as it is NOT protection.

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I went back to the local organic shop – and explored what is being sold. .

The supermarket offerings . .
And maternity – then see below as there is more – here I am only looking at absorbency.

A lot of the apparently ‘normal’ hormonal and period problems that you have – may be being caused solely by the chemicals from the pads and tampons you are using (great retail model – create a problem so they need to buy more product) that are leaching back up into your body.

Use the liners as the ‘milk’ pads – so your supermarket and even ‘organic’ ones are not leaching back . .

(Also see here).


2 – Are our menstrual aids safe?

Safety  – 1 – what is coming back up at you???

The slight discoloration when you introduce clean water onto the tampon (or pads as you will see) – do try it for yourself at home – is a BIG warning – what are those chemicals doing being admitted into YOUR inner sanctum/vagina/into your blood stream and where next??? – through bleeding on them. The interaction of these tiny amounts of hormonal disruptors – however homeopathic into your body – is THIS why you have endo and heavy bleeding and so on?? I strongly suggest that you get rid of the tampons.

You may think YUCK – pads?

Please watch as there are pads (Drion)

  • that are comfortable
  • and DO NOT LEAK
  • are safe (who knew this was an issue)
  • and that are always dry on.

I can see how you would NOT WANT TO EVER WEAR PADS –

(Having trialed so many) but you will not have tried these . . .

We will be comparing tampons, supermarket pads, leading pads and Drion Anion pads.

Tampons – are totally sealed, so are apparently ‘safe’ – from the rubbish in your purse.

But – are they useful? How much can they absorb?
50 ml water is in the glass – not much of it absorbed?

Less than half (22ml) if ‘regular’:

30 ml if you are very lucky, using a super tampon.


You are wearing them for ‘protection’.

BUT – do you need protection from what is coming up from the pad?

Organic, supermarket and Drion pads show their stuff.

Maternity . . .

Colours coming through?
That in itself may be causing your ‘hormonal’ and over bleeding problems.
I strongly urge you to use these Drion pads to see just what you can transform your life.
A lot of the apparently ‘normal’ period problems that you have – may be being caused solely by the chemicals from the pads and tampons you are using (great retail model – create a problem so they need to buy more product) that are leaching back up into your body.

Here I (and you when you watch the 8 1/2 minutes) discover that they do not hold much – and they stay wet – and this will be chaffing your recently birthing bits and altogether are NOT what yo want at this time. Plus the organic one (at 87% I am not sure about that claim) as they when opened u with wet feel gluey – so what is coming back up inside you? Plus they hold almost nothing and when you squeeze them – it all gushes back out again).

Tampons . . .

Safety 2 – the amount of stuff that you accumulate on the pad as rubbish from the bottom of your bag gets into the pad package before you need to use it. The supermarket pad is not sealed.
The market leader is semi sealed, leading to gathering bits and pieces of fluff etc from the bottom of your bag before use.
The Drion is totally sealed so it stays clean/uncontaminated.

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Initially we look at how they come to you, and what may end up picking up bits and pieces of contaminants from all around them before you use them.  (No longer being ‘sanitary’).

What are intimate care pads made from? Have you ever thought to ask?

Most are made from recycled material and bleached to make them look fresh and pure.

The embedded contaminants are leached out when they are used, putting them in contact with your most sensitive body parts.

– How dry do they stay? (Or not).

What you can expect with comfort when bleeding. (These do stay Dry On you)

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 demonstrations . . .

These demonstrations compare the available intimate care products,
so you can see just which one works best.

Having a more absorbent product can you can make your life easier,
allowing you to bleed anywhere in confidence, knowing it will be contained.

And that you are SAFE whilst you bleed

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