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Safe Intimate Care products

The original supplier of the Safe Intimate Care products proved unreliable but that has now been sorted out.

We are now able to offer these products with confidence that orders will be filled promptly.

The only catch is that they will be shipped from Australia so postage may be an issue for some of you. To get around this we are looking for people with knowledge and enthusiasm to become distributors in your area.

These products are so much better than what is generally available in the shops that they will sell themselves.

Not only are they super-absorbent, but they have a negative ion (anion) strip built in which fights bacteria and infections to help us feel wonderful all day long.

They are priced very competitively and huge savings can be made by signing up as a distributor so you get them at the wholesale price.

We need distributors in your area.
If you would like to distribute the Safe Intimate Care products please let me know.

Natural Health Care Apps

I have been documenting my knowledge gained through well over three decades of practice as a women’s health specialistacupuncturist/naturopath/herbalist and am pleased to offer information that you may find extraordinarily insightful and answer more of your health and life questions.

There is a wealth of knowledge here at your fingertips – the various sites that I have to open your eyes to empower yourself.

Most of this is FREE information but there are also ebooks availablewith more in-depth coverage of a range of topics.

As well as ebooks there is now a suite of women’s health apps for your mobile device.
These include natural health and healing options for you:

  •         why things happen,
  •         what it really is (from an energy/natural healing perspective) and
  •         what you can do about it

They are especially full of useful links where I have expanded what you may need to know – and placed within each App.

  • The Periods App is so much more than bleeding.
    The world of women and their cycles – learn about all that happens to us – pregnancy aside
  • The Pregnancy App is really about all aspects of maternity, including early childcare and nursing/breastfeeding.
  • The Fertility App is NOT for charting temperatures.
    It is full of little-known information on how to improve your fertility naturally – not what the doctors will tell you.
    The usual assumptions of maternal age and named conditions being the baby barrier overlook the real causes of infertility.
    The woman is usually assumed to have the problem when often it is the man who is infertile.

Maya Therapies

I have spent considerable time and resources becoming a Maya/Arvigo® practitioner and am amazed at how much more this can do over what I had been working with before (as an acupuncturist/body worker).

I have been totally transfixed by the Maya /Arvigo® work and have risen through the ranks and am about to become a self care teacher.

There is so much that my previous specialty – my own style of acupuncture and bodywork was no longer shifting – so there is always more – and here we have it.

Endometriosis eBook

Hot ‘off the press’ is the endometriosis eBook package – which has been a huge investment in my time.

Here are the answers!
Seriously – to not have more laser, surgery and pain
– here is a brief summary of how you can heal yourself.
Even if you are no longer bleeding – or have stopped needing safe intimate care aids– no doubt you know many who still do.

Liners, nursing pads, incontinence aids – we all need to stay dry and clean – and the products that we use are sometimes not the best for us.

They can be viewed as being pure white and maybe deadly because of the chemicals use to bleach them.

The entire Safe Intimate Care range was started following concerns about the safety of the commonly available products.

If you have any questions or topics that you would like me to discuss please let me know


Best wishes,