Testimonials for Anion Pads

Negative ions (anions) can rejuvenate and revitalize all the body’s systems and cells, improving the body’s overall health and vitality. The embedded negative ion (anion) chip in each pad helps Improve oxygenation by releasing negative ions. This is beneficial in all tissues by reducing body stress and enhancing circulation. Making no health claims, the following testimonials are wonderful examples of how the ‘Love Moon’ pads and panty liners are helping people with various health issues and bodily complaints. The mobile numbers are there if you desire, you can confirm.

They illustrate what might happen if you also try them. The anion strip also . .

General Health Issues


The first time I used a liner was after my levels of stress had shot my previously low thyroid function into overdrive. The bodily inner panic was impossible to ignore, and I couldn’t turn it off to stay calm enough to function. With nothing to lose but the side effects of being too distressed, I thought - ‘why not?’ After about an hour of wearing it the first time, my heart stopped racing; the inner panic had diminished to where I could just get on with it.

I then noticed that on the days I wore it - I was visiting the loo a lot more than usual. Having needed fluid tablets to pee since I had congestive heart failure after a bout of viral cardiomyopathy over ten years ago, I was VERY impressed to discover I was peeing a lot more - far more often and in greater amounts during the day I wore them. This may not sound a big deal, but after all this time needing medication to regulate what should be naturally happening it is a major break through.

Sharon, Brisbane:

I thought my daughter would be interested in them, as I have ‘graduated’ and haven’t had a bleed for some time now. But when I read the info, I decided to use the panty liners. I have been unwell for about 2 months with a virus and post-viral low energy levels, etc. I put the panty liner on last night and can’t believe the difference I feel this a.m. It is amazing! I think she will love them - she is due for a bleed again soon, so I’m looking forward to her reaction. They are such a great way of encouraging girls/women to enjoy their bleeding and associating it with good vibes.

Gayleen, NZ

I’ve slept with a pad for the first time last night:
Woke in the night and thought wow I’m breathing really well - improved asthma symptoms! Feeling unusually stress free today....


Joshua was waiting for surgery to remove his wisdom teeth and teeth were aching. Placed the anion strip between his gum and cheek and pain decreased dramatically.



Les sprained his ankle. He was wearing an elastic bandage for support, but it was quite painful to walk. He placed a panty liner between the bandage and his ankle and the pain went away.


– my wife had a very serious back operation, leaving her with restricted mobility and total numbness in her right leg. Using the pads over the scar she has 50% return to what was normal ..


Many years of back aches due to metal rods inserted in his back left Peter suffering terribly. After placing a panty liner in each shoe he noticed his back pain was gone. He continues to place one in his shoes each day for wonderful relief. He also places an anion strip in his water bottle to ‘oxygenate’ the water and it tastes softer.


I was watching the Winalite demo and realised it might help my sore shoulder. It did I placed a panty liner on it under her bra strap and soon after the pain was gone.


My 18 month old baby had nappy rash so I put a pad in his nappy overnight and the rash was completely gone by the morning. My 5-year-old daughter had a urinary track infection. She was prescribed antibiotics, but instead I placed a pad in her undies overnight .By the morning, the infection gone.


I have suffered from arthritis in both knees for some years. The pain was very bad and I found it quite difficult to walk for a long time. I put panty liners with the anion pads towards my knees for three days. The pain in my knees has decreased significantly, so much so that I have little or no pain. Now I can walk freely again without the pain. I also tied a pad to my friend’s dog’s leg He was suffering arthritis as well and could not put his leg down to walk so he hobbled. After a couple of days we noticed a difference. He is now walking better.


My sister-in-law is a diabetic and her abdominal skin where daily injections were happening had calcified. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t bear clothes on herself. After using the panty liners for a short time she is able to touch her stomach without pain.

Amanda –

I have had lower back pain for a few years. As a mother of young children this was debilitating. Now she puts a panty liner in each shoe and is pain free for the entire day.


Pads are wonderful – I have half orthotics and every day I also put in a liner and I feel as though I am walking on air!


Had a serious accident 6 months ago and had surgery to implant metal plates in her ankles. She was walking again, but after an hour or so was getting pains right up through her legs. This considerable ongoing pain is gone now she places a panty liner (really shoe liners) in her shoes every day and is pain free while she does this.


Can’t live without them – the corn on my toe is pain free and I don’t know I have one whilst wearing the liner around it. I have had a padding here before -it is definitely just great when the negative ion strip is next to it.


Steve has tennis elbow and carpel tunnel. He usually wakes in the night in pain but since putting a panty liner in his elastic bandage he is pain free and sleeps through the night. As Steve is a truck driver this is wonderful as he is not tired on the road now.

Lina Melbourne.

I had a back operation years ago and since then have not been able to feel parts of my right foot. After having a panty liner over the spinal operation scar overnight - I could feel parts of my toes and foot for the first time. The backache that had plagued me - leading to the pad being there in the first place was gone


After years of gradual toe removal due to very serious peripheral neuropathy as a consequence of diabetes - using the panty liners in my shoes has given me increasing sensation back in my feet and the bone infection that antibiotics has not helped in over a year is now retreating and healing as I also tape a panty liner to the foot – as I have recovery happening instead of getting my whole foot removed.


– with very bad diabetes came the collapse of foot bones. She can now feel what the podiatrist is doing – and all are amazed at how much more steady she is on her feet – the pads took a few weeks to make a difference – and it is still improving.

woke up with a stiff neck after sleeping in a strange position. Usually, when this has happened previously, she would put a hot pack on it, but decided to put a panty liner on it to see. She rubbed it to release the ions and then forgot about it. She was watching TV and didn’t notice until she stood up that the pain was gone. She is unsure how fast it went as she was not paying attention.


Amy, Brisbane:

“For the last few months, whenever I’ve had my period I’ve been quite sick, to the point where I’ve been in bed for days at a time. On top of this, when I get sick my anxiety gets quite severe, which keeps me sick for a longer period of time as the physical body tries to deal with the emotional side. Last month I used the Anion Pads for the first time. I cannot begin to explain the change I felt in my body! I’m not saying I didn’t get sick, because I did, but instead of it lasting for 3-5 days with severe anxiety attacks in the middle of the night, keeping me awake and stressed out, I was sick for just under 24 hours. During this time I was calm and did not have any anxiety, I got better faster which meant that I was able to get to work, which I’ve been missing quite a lot of due to being ill. Please, I urge you, anyone with ANY kind of aliment...give them a go, because who’d have thought they’d have an effect on anxiety? I won’t use anything else now!”

Renae, Brisbane:

-My Strep B must be better as there is no smelly discharge. . The prolapse seems to be improving!! I use a panty liner in the daytime and when bleeding the flooding is also under control.

Carolyne Brisbane:

– Having had a problem ?cyst that has been there for over five years is now was hurting as I am pregnant. I used a panty liner on the area and also as a panty liner – and had the BEST SLEEP! The anxiety and all the pain around my cyst is gone – and I am now happily pregnant with no cares!

Penny, NZ:

Having Strep B all my life – it interferes with normal sexual relations and also safe baby passage out. Now pregnant with another child – I am actually free of Strep B -for the first time in my life - wearing the anion pads a month – the lab tests prove it.


Another repercussion of my condition was the numerous drugs I was prescribed which exacerbated my already long term - problem with thrush. I don’t know if I still have fibroids as I haven’t been back to the specialist. What I do know is my periods are now back on track and manageable, the thrush has disappeared and I’m finally feeling ‘normal’ again. Thank you Anion.”

Kath, Brisbane

Having had an operation may years ago – since then – I have had an itch down there. Since wearing a liner every day – it is gone . . .

Paula Chch NZ

I usually go through a pack of super pads over a 24 hour period. Using the anion pads – it was TWO pads – two pads! Didn’t leak and NO SMELLS!! I am sold, and can’t wait for my daughters to start bleeding now as I have the answer for al that mess and embarrassment.



– an old burn just leaking fluid after two weeks was fixed overnight with just a bit of the anion strip under a bandaid. Also the best night’s sleep – coincidence??


I just wanted to say WOW and Thanks for getting me onto these new panty liners and pads, I put one of the ion strips in my mouth and for the first time in the last week and a half I haven’t had to take any pain killers for the toothaches (which also extends to my jaw bone) that I am having while having dental procedures done. So guess what I’ll be doing from now on, cutting out the strips when any of my family or myself have any problems health wise instead of reaching for chemical pain relief.


I lost the back of an earring so was using a cheaper metal back. This made my ear itchy and sore. It soon started to throb and weep. She placed a pad between her ear and pillow and the throbbing stopped immediately and the healing was almost instantaneous.


Son had a large wart on the bottom of his foot. It had become a nuisance so I was going to get some drugs to remove it, but while I was away for a few days, my Aunt put panty liners in his shoes for another issue, and woe and behold the wart shrunk to a minute speck.



Judy has suffered for years from several ailments. She also has an incontinence problem. Since wearing a pad to bed this has eased considerably. When she gets up she is not dribbling before she gets to the bathroom and In fact, some nights she doesn’t even wake and is dry in the morning.

Vicki (Brisbane):

After having a difficult birth nearly 30 years ago I am left with incontinence and have worn a panty liner at least and often an incontinence pad all my life. Wearing the anion strip one is a huge difference – I find I need to go more often and with vastly more passed - but no incontinence – so whatever it is doing – it is working far better as my body is returning to normal – just a pad doing this??? Amazing . ...


Nicky recently had a bout of ‘Vaginal Thrush’. Having suffered with this on and off for months, I thought about using a pad at night to try and stop the infuriating itch. Sure enough come morning I was itch-free!! I continued to use a fresh pad during the next day, and low and behold, no more thrush.


I have suffered from anal thrush off and on for a couple of years - have not wanted to used prescribed creams from doctors. I usually manage through diet but when I am stressed it flares up. During a recent episode I used the Anion pads and much to my delight it stopped the itching, within hours...

Post baby

No end of uses – apart from the obvious - avoid all infections and facilitate wound healing – and catch all discharges safer and more effectively . . (Negative ions aid the healing and restore normal)

Sterile dressing for wounds/damaged parts Safer and drier and is a ‘no smells’ pads For nipples - healing pad which is also absorbent - and stops all bacterial and other infections on contact.


Tania NZ

When Cooper has an anion pad in his nappy, any redness/rash disappears.


A friend’s 18 month old daughter had terrible nappy rash (cutting molars) so I gave her the night pads which she used during the day for 2 days and over night, the rash completely healed and wee girl is much happier!

Julianne, NZ

‘Harriet had an aggressive nappy rash on Sunday with raised dotty bits ... I used panty liners and nothing else and within 24 hours it was 75% gone and is now completely gone ... and not one drop of lotions or potions that I usually go through the gamut with to get rid of it’.

Marjan, NZ

And I have put them in my youngest daughter’s nappy, and she is calmer and sleeps better (although still bit sick)... She even wanted to have her old nappy back on, until I changed the pad of the new nappy more to the back of the nappy so she could feel it more on her skin...(!)’


- used the pads for her infant son’s swollen penis – it looked infected and within two days it was back to normal size and colour – no antibiotics needed!


– My son had a problem with chicken pox sores all over his body and especially in his inguinal area. I only had one panty liner, but put it in his nappy and he had the best night’s sleep he has ever had PLUS the infections and soreness were all gone when I changed him next.


Young Women

They are bleeding and often quite profusely. Getting away from the apparent safety and secrecy of tampons into a pad may be the way to halt all hormonal horrors later – especially endometriosis with the dual advantage of not damming up of what needs to come out PLUS a possible containment of the over bleeding brought on by exposure to chemicals in regular menstrual aids. (These were designed to be safe from chemical exposure). Anion are safe and work better - also alleviate any and all any smelly/discharges/deviations from normal - may well attend to these as it restores normal . . (Esp after initial sexual encounters - to allow easy healing and comfort .. )


Kaila has suffered from severe cramping prior to and during her periods from the start – over 6 years ago. Since using the anion pads during her period she has very few cramps and the ones she does have are very mild! She’s amazed!
The daytime pad lasted the whole day and after using the night pad I managed to get a full night’s sleep without changing sheets etc. What a surprise.

Clare, Melbourne:

Using the pads for the first period, I noticed that although I was not sure if they WOULD do the job
- they didn’t leak. I didn’t flood as usual either. The ‘everything-falling-out’ feeling was not there. I was caught out and needed to use another supermarket pad - and the falling/dragging sensation was back. Instantly when I was back to the Anion ones . . . . Amazing!!


-I was really impressed when I saw the demonstration showing how absorbent Anion pads are. And that was when 50ml of water is added. But the real test, for me, was when I tried them out for real when I got my period. Wow!!! They are AMAZING!

On the first heavy days, when I usually use a tampon in addition to a pad if I have to go out, just to avoid leaks and embarrassment, the anion pads were all I needed and they did the job better than any pad I have ever used .. even the really heavy duty ones.

They just draw the blood away so it’s not sitting on top of the pad and making me feel all wet and squelchy. It’s brilliant! Now I don’t have to feel bad about the dangers of tampons and I don’t have to worry about any sticky moments.


tried the pads and discovered she was not as cranky in the lead up days to her period and also her flow was much less than usual. She and her family are thrilled.


I have heavy periods and no chance to get away on my first day without frequently changing both tampon and sanitary pad. I can tell you, it is a mess. I don’t want to get into too many details, women who experience this, know what I am talking about. This time I have had a totally different experience:

I wanted to test the absorbency and did not use tampons at all. Because I was a bit worried and just in case I wore my black ‘gear’ to avoid embarrassment, but it was unnecessary.

To my surprise my period was not as strong as usual, there were no bad odours as it usually was the case and I clearly used less sanitary napkins. On the second day I used one pad only all day and I felt dry at all times, I was seriously impressed. I felt more energized and not drained and tired as I usually feel on those days.

Marjan, Greymouth, NZ

‘Must admit I am using the pads myself now. And I must admit I am feeling a bit different... more relaxed/calm/balanced (?)

Julie, Brisbane:

-Having been bleeding solidly for a month and very heavily, I was not sure what these would do. The first night I was dry all night – they DIDN’T leak. Then I noticed the odours that usually are about me when bleeding were gone. Then even more amazing – the soreness I get from wearing pads and the chaffing – was all healed. Then I stopped bleeding and am now having regular normal monthly, not an all over the place cycle.

Madonna :

-“At the beginning of the year I was diagnosed with fibroids with an unusually thick lining of my uterus. This resulted in long periods of continual heavy bleeding. This also resulted in me using up to one pad every hour.

The prognosis was to try burning the uterus wall and then if not successful to have a full hysterectomy. Having not previously been of ill health I found this very hard to comprehend. I then proceeded to get help from a more holistic point of view whilst waiting to fit into specialist’s appointments.

During this time I was introduced to the Anion Pads. The first time I used the pads I was very sceptical and kept thinking they probably wouldn’t work due to the heavy losses I’d been experiencing and my exvperience with other brands. Wow I couldn’t be more surprised. The first day I wore them to work I must have gone ff to the loo 20 times to check as they were still dry and the flooding was not apparent – it actually STOPPED . . . and has not returned and I have a regular normal bleed a month now – no more changing the sheets several times at night!!


Anion Sanitary Pads bring all the health benefits of negative ions to much more than a woman’s monthly cycle - their uses are not limited to women’s intimate areas.


Realized that he may be having problems with his prostate. One day he said to his wife that he needed to look into the possibility of wearing some sort of sanitary liner to soak up the last few drops of urine that persisted in discharging after he had emptied his bladder.

That night Cliff responded to an invite to see the demonstration. He stayed back to ask the presenter whether men could wear the Sanitary pads and was assured that he could. Cliff has been wearing a sanitary pad everyday since... and is absolutely relieved that he now stays dry and free from odour all day long.

Also after hearing about the anion strip relieving toothache, he tried it and sure enough it worked. His tooth had been aching for some days while he awaited his dental appointment


-found he had urine dribbling after thinking he was finished . . after using Anion pads as a pad around his and he discovered dryness again.


- watched as his wife’s incontinence was helping by wearing the pads – and sure enough when wearing them overnight he doesn’t have to get up as frequently and stays dry and odour free. They have helped his knee pain also diminish.



– My old border collie dog had a bad rash on his hindquarter which he has had for over 7 years. We have been to the vet many times and tried different drugs as well as some natural treatments. Some had short term success but nothing lasted and the rash always returned.

A friend was visiting and noticed the inflamed, hair free area, with numerous sores from where he scratched himself to relieve the itching. She suggested we ‘put a pad on it’! I thought she was crazy, but decided we had nothing to lose so we scratched the negative ion strip and put it on the dogs sore area.

We wrapped a bandage around the dog to keep it in place. This was 11pm.

The next morning at 7am we removed the bandage and amazingly the skin was the proper pale pink colour – no inflammation at all. The sores looked like they had been healing for numerous days. I am totally sold on this incredible product.