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Did you know that a woman will use an average of 15,000 pieces of sanitary equipment within 30 to 40 years in her entire lifetime? Do they workdoes anyone ask this?

I wear tampons’ you say.  Are they a good idea? Do they do the job?
Having demonstrated of the absorbency of menstrual aids – I am here to show you. Is this as good as it gets? Is there a comfy DRY option??

Safety is an issue we do not think of.

What is going into your body when you use them? I do not just mean you are causing back flow using tampons or cups and maybe adding to the possibility of giving yourself endometriosis . .

To avoid this – you may have switched to ‘organic’.
(Supposedly no chemicals to damage you – in microscopic amounts).
Do they work though?

I have trialed ALL ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ menstrual aids.

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They are NOT absorbent

Note – I have not trialed the moon cups.

The menstrual discharge is supposed to drain away – not be caught up inside.

Please –  allow what is to flow go.
Ever wondered how to have an easy life, enjoy being woman? Women are designed to bleed. As a women’s natural health care worker for the past 40 years, I know that we do not pay enough attention to how to live well. Or to honour our bleeding. Periods are not supposed to be a worry/ a hassle or even a pain.

Monthly – making a baby nest and when it is not needed  – letting to go – to start again. Having a trusted brand of sanitary pads will help. Now – a DRY pad?

Always dry? (Thus not cold or wet)? What else would be on your wish list?
Not leaking? The day pads easily hold and do not leak 50 ml – they can hold 100ml. Their capacity seems to be 150 ml. There are super and maxi pads also.

Holding enough so you can get out of the house – even on very heavy days?
Maybe even wearing something that feels as though it is not even there? Possible.

Q – Do your current menstrual aids ‘work’?

(Keep you dry?


 Just HOW good are Drion?


A fuller explanation of the pads, why you need to use them and more demonstrations are found on this site

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