Safe Intimate Care Sanitary Napkins


Did you know that a woman will use an average of 15,000 pieces of sanitary equipment within 30 to 40 years in her entire lifetime?
Tampons? Are they a good idea?
Having done many demonstrations of the absorbency of these – I think not. Then there is what is going into your body when you use them. I do not just mean you are causing back flow and maybe adding to the possibility of giving yourself endometriosis . .  Perhaps read this . .

Having a trusted brand of sanitary pads is essential for every health-conscious woman. Not only must the sanitary pad provide comfort and safety, but also enhance her health and lifestyle… and be fully biodegradable – put it in the compost!!!

The Drion (as they stay dry on) sanitary pads enhance your daily life and health with a “negative ion” tape embedded within every single pad. All materials used in the making of the pad are 100% safe, natural, NOT recycled (and thus bleached – see the demos). No chemicals are used.

The pads and liners may be may also be used for therapeutic purposes. The benefits may appear after a few days. Most of the time, the results happen sooner. The negative ion tape releases high concentration of negative ions, which has been proven effective to kill bacteria. Hence all smells. If you are sensitive – you can feel the liner strip working when you use it daily – as a health improver. It definitely aids all healing in the body through placing one in each shoe – and walking about on your own private boost from the ‘waterfall’/ocean spray/after a shower negative ions effect – helping normalise all in your body!!

But keep in mind that every body may respond differently, and listen to your body to be able to tell if you need more time to notice the benefits.
The negative ion strip means that here are no odours – in your feet if placed in the shoes – but also in your knickers . .

From the personal experiences of users of the negative ion pads, we have reports of improvements in many conditions commonly suffered by both men and women*:

    • ovarian cysts
    • yeast infection
    • genital herpes
    • uterine fibroids
    • cervical erosion
    • hormonal imbalance
    • irregular menstrual cycle
    • fertility problems
    • bladder infection
    • bladder control
    • prostate problems
    • hemorrhoid
    • colon bleeding
    • PMS relief

Most importantly you can rest assured that are safely bleeding on what will not give you more grief – chemicals coming back up from your pads into your vulnerable lady parts. See the last demos here for more on this. After doing the original demos three years ago I was not impressed to find that a commonly used tampon bled’ pale yellow into the water it was supposed to soak up. No wonder the TV ads always use blue dye! You would not want to see the pale yellow that adding clean water gives onto some of the pads that you are choosing to bleed on either!!!

*these statements were not reviewed by FDA

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